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    For those of you that read the first part of this series and enjoyed it I can only hope you will do the same here. Hopefully this one is easier to read the first try. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome and please don't hold back. Enjoy.

    As I finish kissing the rest of the way up her body, stopping briefly at her naval and each nipple finally I reach her collar bone and up her neck to her mouth. I kiss her deeply and tell her

    "Its your turn now"

    She gains composure and stands up. Removing her blindfold as she stands. She kisses me on the cheek and walks away. Leaving me standing there at full mast dumbfounded. She walks away and out of sight towards the bedroom. I hear an order from the other room.

    "Turn around place your hands in the small of your back and don't move"

    All I can muster to respond with is "yes ma'am" as I turn to follow her orders.

    I turn around and hear only the click of heels approaching me from behind. There is a sharp twist of my wrists and the clicking of handcuffs. (I love not only being one but dating cops as well). She does it correctly and double locks them so I know they are real and that I am not breaking this set. She puts what feels like a silk tie of mine over my eyes and pulls it tight.

    Just as I open my mouth to speak she pulls another one tight across my now open mouth leaving me speachless and helpless at this moment.

    "Now you are going to do what I say and your only response needs to be nods...... Understood?"

    I nod out of sheer anticipation twitching at the thought of what's next.

    I hear her walking around me as I stand there bound and gagged now standing in the middle of the room. I hear her heels clicking on the floor as she walks. I can feel her eyes on me as she contemplates what to do next.

    The clicking stops behind me briefly as she barks.

    "Spread your feet apart till I tell you to stop"

    I follow her orders walking my feet further and further apart until they are about thirty inches apart and I hear.


    I stop and am now standing there spread eagle naked, barefoot and bound. I hear the steps begin again only to stop in front of me this time.

    There is a brief pause and I feel warm lips engulf my throbbing cock down to what felt like the base. But only for that one stroke. I moan in pleasure as she pulls off my cock. I feel her teeth bite down on my nipples searing with both pain and pleasure. Again she is gone, off my body, but still in my presence.

    Standing there for what felt like an eternity with my now glistening cock and nipples feeling the a/c, it was delightful torture.

    Again I feel the warm sensation on my dick but this time its there to stay. She deep throats me as much as possible while using her hands in a twisting motion on the way up and off my rod. Almost trying to wring the cum out of me. She pulls off and tongues my sensitive balls and sucks them into her mouth one at a time while still stroking my dick with one hand. She dips down further as I feel her nose on my balls now and her tongue exploring new places by my taint and asshole.

    She replaces her mouth with a finger massaging my asshole with equal pressure spreading her saliva as lube around me. She goes back to her expert job on my cock and seems to be on a mission. Now rubbing my balls and taint with one hand while still sucking me off.

    "I'm gonna cum" I try to say but all that comes out is mumbles.

    She gets the hint when she sees my balls sinch up against my body. She knows its showtime.

    She starts ravaging my cock with her mouth face fucking herself on me. As the first jet of hot cum hits her mouth she pushes her massaging finger into me and starts to pull forward making more and more cum jettison into her hungry mouth. Once she is convinced that I am empty and she has wrangled the last drops of cum out of my now spent member she pulls off of me loosly this time.

    She stands. I hear a polaroid camera go off a few times and the heels click away from me.

    I hear them coming back. She stands in front of me again and wipes me down front and back with an warm clothe cleaning me up. This felt amazing.

    She stops and walks away again. This time I hear no heels but feel a presence.

    I feel a hand reach from behind me through my legs and start tugging on my semi-hard member. Its a completely new sensation. She starts pulling it back further and further between my legs. I feel her breathe then her mouth start to suck me from behind. The air expelling from her nose is amazing on my now cool taint. Making me twitch harder. She continues to suck me this way till she can tell its painful for me since I am at full wood and need to grow more straight out.

    She releases me from her mouth and continues tugging on me from behind as again I feel her breath on my sensitive spot. A warm flick of the tongue follows, followed by long warm licks covering from my asshole up to my balls while she is still stroking my aching member.

    She stops abruptly.

    "Stand up straight" she says

    As I do she guides me over towards the couch using my cock as a leash. She pushes me down on the couch and removes my blindfold. I see the lust in her eyes as she winks at me and faces away squating down over my dick with her drooling pussy.

    Once properly aligned he sits down hard on me driving me up against her cervix making us both moan in ecstasy. She starts riding me hard lifting almost completely off of me before slamming back down. She bends forward and I see her reach for what looks like a long slender angle head massager. She lifts it above her shoulder so as to show it to me briefly before it disappears.
    I feel the vibrations on my balls. As the vibrations go lower she quickens her pace. My breathing is rampant now. She slides the head of the massager around my ass and finally starts to probe with the angled head. Pushing and pulling on it while still fucking herself with my cock.

    Soon the vibrations are too much and she is starting to clamp down on my dick with what is sure to be an earth shattering orgasm for her. With this realization I feel my own starting to well. It feels like the tension is coming up from my toes it feels so strong. As she is announcing that she is cumming she looses control and starts to rub me hard with the magic wand massaging my prostate and making my orgasm explode up inside her tight waiting pussy.

    As our girations and shakes subside she takes the toy out of me. Unties my gag and takes the handcuffs off. She kisses me gingerly on the lips and thanks me. She shows me the polaroids that she had taken. Much to my delight they were pictures of her from the tits up after my first massive orgasm had overflowed her mouth and dribbled onto her perfect tits. There were before and after pics of a full mouth of cum and an empty mouth of cum. After she shows me this we go off to shower and the rest of the night is another story for another day.

    Like I said before goddamn I miss that woman.