A cute flasher (parts 1 and 2)

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    Not a true story :) I did it in a few parts so the story is not a big long one too long to read.

    I went for an ice cream on a hot summer day and I ate it leaning against my car in the parking lot.
    A car with younger women arrived and they got out, and the last one out ran to catch up with the others saying "wait for me".
    Not only I found her nice looking, but her strapless top allowed her breasts to bounce around, I was carelessly lost in staring and admiring, no manners.
    When she got near and realized she gave me some kind of a bouncy show and she stopped running. I apologized for my rudeness, sincere and vowed to be more careful from then on.

    Seeing her upset look all I told her "Sorry, I just lost my manners admiring natural beauty ....
    " OOOPS!, wow, then I shut up and scratched my head, feeling stupid.
    All she could come up with was "At least you're honest, thanks for the compliment", she gave me a break and joined her friends ordering ice cream.

    Checking my cell phone messages to forget about my incident and enjoying my ice cream, I was half aware of the group of friends walking by me again, and then someone stopping by me.
    Miss Bouncy again ....... oh ho, trouble is what I expected, and I said nothing, waiting to hear what she would say.

    Indeed, it was trouble, but in unexpected ways.
    Glancing around in the parking lot before speaking, she then blurted out "So you like boobies?" pulling her top down for a quick flash to reveal a nice set of breasts.
    My eyes go big and my jaw dropped on the ground, then one of her friends came for her: "OMG! SARAH, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!" taking her away by the arm, and another one came to apologize.
    "That's okay, don't worry, at least it sort of made my day" I said with a chuckle. A mutual understanding between us, she turned away and left.
    Well, this visit to the ice cream place was special in some way.

    Sarah comes back

    Every time I went back for an ice cream I thought of the flasher, amused at how it happened.
    One day in late August I am treating myself at the end of a hot work day.
    "HEY THERE" ..... I turned around to see the flasher. Surprised, all I can say is "hey .... hi"
    She asks if I am here hoping to see her again jokingly, and I said I came here everyday.
    "Listen, I feel bad for last time, I apologize. It's not like I do this every time" and I said there is no need, it's okay.
    "I'm sure it made your day but that won't happen again." wagging her finger at me. I smiled, pretended to be sad and cry a little and said this is a one in a million thing anyway.

    So after getting herself something to eat she stuck around and we just talked a bit, I suppose she wanted to show she is as normal as they come and we had small talk about all kinds of things
    "By the way I'm Sarah" she said, extending her hand. To that I shook her hand and introduced myself.

    In the conversation she put me on the spot with her question "Yeah, I heard her commenting on the things you said ..... that was true?"
    Yeah I did, I found you daring and playful, almost flirty"
    "Flirty? well, maybe a little bit .... my friend said tyou told her you enjoyed the quick peek, sooooo, did it work?" then she puts her hand to her mouth "Never mind that" laughing at herself.
    "I guess I can make your day and say it did", she opened that door after all. "Of course I did, said from a boob guy and that errrrr .... well yes I enjoyed ......"
    Then someone called for her, I recognized her from that time when she took Sarah away after the flash. Sarah said bye and left with her ride