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Oct 28, 2012
    1. CosmicEye
      Hey there thanks for the FR.
    2. zombieguy13
      Hi there, thanks for the add.
      Looking forward to getting to know you. :D
    3. Trond
      Hi Flame! I definitely will read it. Great to hear that it selling well. For some reason, I do like erotic stuff written by women, so I will get to it soon :)

      Thanks for your comments on my experiences with the stripper. To be honest, I think she chose not to respond. I sensed some unease the last time I saw her, and she may have been uncertain as to what to say. I don't think she ever considered me as a potential partner though I know she liked me in many ways, and she probably knew that I was in love with her (I almost told her even. I used a Norwegian expression which is a bit hard to translate. "I care about you" is the closest I can think of). After sending the letter and experiencing several days of extremely painful heartache, I met my wife and managed to get over the stripper, so I will leave it at that, but I do hope that she is doing well. Maybe I will post the whole thing in the forums to see if others have experienced similar things.
    4. Flame
      Hi gyfo. It's okay even if you are; freaks are fun! (Although perhaps not the dangerous ones...)

      In any case, I'm happy to chat!
    5. Flame
      Hey Trond, thanks so much for posting on my blog again! I love your comments! If you do read my book, please let me know what you think. It's doing really well at the publisher's (best selling for two weeks now!) but I have no idea if people like what they are reading!
    6. gyfo
      Hey hey. How you doing? Would love to chat sometime let me know if you keen. Don't stress. I'm not a freak ;)
    7. Trond
      Comment added on your Fatal Tease blog entry! :) Sorry, I haven't read your published story yet, but it sure looks interesting.

      This time, I gave you a true story of my own. Come to think of it, maybe I should just copy and paste it into these forums as well.
    8. Trond
      I made another comment on your blog, but I'm afraid that I strayed a bit from what you were talking about. Sorry about that.....:)
    9. Ready2Please
      I have a place to add my stories but I haven't had a chance to write any. I have two unfinished ones. Maybe tomorrow I will finish the one that involves my new lover. I might have to and let him read it. He might get a kick out of it especially if it involves him in it and it happened before we hooked up.
    10. Trond
      Not sure if you saw my comment about "Kushiel's Dart" on your blog, but it could be interesting to you. I have to admit that I sometimes like slightly "naughty" books by female authors. I guess it feels a bit like "spying" on women's intimate thoughts :D. Let me know if you have any suggestions. I do prefer it when not all the male characters are abusive though. :eyes
    11. Trond
      Maybe I will leave a comment. I especially like the photo on your most recent post. To me, it's the contrast between the rough concrete and the soft skin that is the attraction. Pretty girl too.

      Well, I can see one potential attraction to women (I think) who have this kind of fantasy. Not sure how important it is, but the fact that someone (often a guy I suppose) would become violent to possess you must mean that there is a powerful attraction. Am I onto something here? But, how would you react if you were not really sure that he would not hurt you? Would that be an even more attractive scenario, or a huge (and dangerous) turnoff? Perhaps it's the "knight" in me speaking up here ;)
    12. Trond
      I like the way you think, Flame ;). Interesting threads, although I didn't have much to contribute so far.

      So you are into force fantasies? This one is difficult for men. I would feel like I am fantasizing about something terribly wrong. In fact, I lean more towards the "knight in shining armor" saving the "damsel in distress" thing. :)

      I love the pictures in your blog though.
    13. Scoot
      hello new friend thanks for accepting me
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    I write erotic stories and run a website about fantasies involving force. I am fascinated by anything to do with sexual fantasies, why we have them, where they come from and how we live them.

    I am also addicted to role-playing on Second Life, although I don't get nearly as much time on as I would like.

    My first erotica novella, Party Games, has just been published. I am currently working on the next one.

    Role Play, Writing, Second Life, The pyschology of sexuality.


    He looked down at her with a look in his dark eyes that seemed to say he owned this street with everything—and everyone—on it. She liked that look. Very much. ​