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The end of the second break of the day
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  2. Insatiables
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  3. Turnedonandtunedin
    I not only love to do that exact thing myself but I love to watch other men do it to themselves. I love it when all that baby maker sperm squirts out in big thick streams. It's interesting to see how different men cum so differently.
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  4. Joe1968
    You ever taste your cum.. I a straight guy but like watching cum being squirted. I started out tasting my pre-cum and then one day cummed in a little medicine cup and just done my wife and I enjoy my cum together...All that cum's full of protein...she swallowed for years..for her hair...
  5. Paulmorgan411
    I often wipe it up and eat it all for quick clean up @Joe1968
  6. naughty4u
    Love watching you jerk that cock
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  7. Paulmorgan411
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