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Nina Tiza
Ok first of all let me say this in my defense, I was drunk!! I'm smacking my gum like a $2 hooker, I sound classless, I'm so embarrassed. Plus I roared with laughter. It's hilarious! And my poor baby, at the end, I was so mean to tease him like that! Sorry babe!!
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  3. Joys
    LOL.. His loss!!!
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  4. Nina Tiza
    Nina Tiza
    Haha Joys! I agree! Hmph!!
  5. itsfreddo
    must say love your pics very sexy baby thanks
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  6. Hasmart
    At that age you are marvelous. Lets have another video which can be more sexy. Anyway you are lovely. Thanks
  7. policescanner1
    You have such a super sexy voice
  8. willow123
    hi babe,nice to enjoy

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