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Breast  pump...very erotic feeling it suck my nipples!!
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Breast pump...very erotic feeling it suck my nipples!!
  1. Li_hog_rider
    I would like to take the place of the breast pump ;)
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  2. naughty4u
    Oh baby! I want you to suck me as often as you need to!!
  3. Joys
    My wife had something like this after the birth of our 2nd. She had too much milk and the baby would not suck much so she needed to use the machine to "milk" herself and keep for later.
    Her nipples are always very sensitive but they were at their peak when lactating. I told you in a thread she had maybe the most intense orgasm when she was milking herself with that machine and me rubbing her pussy
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  4. naughty4u
    OMG YES!! It's so incredibly erotic! I cum so hard!! Need a man to milk me like this..reward..wet pussy all the time!
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  5. feelgood2000
    This picture may "old" but my hard on isn't
  6. da_rk
    Yum! Would love to be sucking those tits for you