Just me

Before playtime.... what do you want to do with me?
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Cowboy Up Black and White Behind the cloth Just hangin' Just me Full balls My two cocks Road Head Plugged Freshly Shaven
Before playtime.... what do you want to do with me?
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  3. jay321
    Want to suck your cock
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  4. WTbeach
    On my knees sucking that limp dick till it gets full and erect
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  5. NJBimm
    I want to take that soft cock in my mouth and massage your balls, feeling your cock grow in my mouth as I suck the head
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  6. Nebulosity8669
    I'd love to lick those big smooth balls until he is slapping against your abs and proceed from there, hehe.
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  7. xcane
    I love this pic. Your cock and balls look perfect. What would I do? Anything that you wanted.
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  8. Witoutit
    OK Mr. Longwood, I would like to lick and suck on your nice cock and lick those big heavy balls of yours in that nice sack.
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