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  1. Nina Tiza
    Nina Tiza
    This is one of my favorite pics of all time. I was totally five drinks over my limit! I wasn't falling down drunk, I was wonderfully comfortable and loose. Yes, as in a loose woman :)
  2. Joys
    Love your look...
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  3. bobby75
    Great additions. You are a beautiful woman. Very classy look to you.
  4. Nina Tiza
    Nina Tiza
    OMG thank you! You really don't know what that means to me! My nickname when I was a gawky tall girl was "Grace"! I am a PAST klutz! Now I am VERY careful! And classy is just what I want to be, instead of tripping all over myself like I did when I was a kid :)
  5. bobby75
    My pleasure.!!! Kisses :-*