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  2. Doitagain
    All of your pics are nice some very sexy but I love this pic the best
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  3. Nina Tiza
    Nina Tiza
    I do too!! I rarely am serious so these looks are rare. I look pensive, like I'm really thinking of something monumental. I'm actually thinking "I need a drink!!" haha!
  4. Doitagain
    Lol I can see it meaning that but I like it and if I saw you sitting there with that look I just may bring you a drink after I adjusted my pants of course
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  5. Nina Tiza
    Nina Tiza ARE good Mr. Smooth talker aka Doitagain:) :) I honest to God got goosebumps...
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  6. Joys
    how can anyone resist that look
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  7. Nina Tiza
    Nina Tiza
    Joys you're awesome!
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