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  2. Cowboy_73
    If you went out in public like that there would be so many car wreaks! Lord have mercy!
  3. Sexshaz111
    Been to a fancy dress like this.
    Jesus men are like putty when I wear this.
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  4. Lkmccr
    I can imagine I would do anything you asked
  5. Cowboy_73
    LOL It would be so hard to think with all the blood rushing to my cock, I would not be able to think, other than feeling a throbbing hard cock. Mind control. LOL
  6. Sexshaz111
    You guys all act with your cocks.
    I only have to ask a guy anything and you all start by talking to my boobs. Ha
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  7. Cowboy_73
    Boobs are nice but I'm and ass man so I'd be talking to your ass! LOL