Wife sucking my friend one Saturday afternoon.<br />
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We were bored hanging around the...
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Wife sucking my friend one Saturday afternoon.

We were bored hanging around the house and my wife was feeling frisky. I called up a friend of ours who she had fucked before and invited him over. We spent most of the afternoon with him fucking her and me watching. She looked so good, back-lit from the window, that I had to take this pic. Shortly after, he let go a tremendous load in Janet's mouth. I nearly came myself.
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  2. almostthere
    She looks like a pro
  3. lonelyboy
    Love the pics. Very very sexy lady.. good for you
  4. jay321
    I'd love to fuck Janet and blow my load of come in her mouth and all over her tits and face.
    Does she swallow or spit??