Tell me how tiny his dick is.
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Tell me how tiny his dick is.
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  2. Barbwire
    Aww how cute! A baby sparrow wearing a hoodie sitting in the nest with its two unhatched siblings.
  3. Barbwire
    For your sake, Mistress, I hope he's a wizard with his tongue.
  4. Barbwire
    Just showed this pic to Chip and Dale and they told me to tell you they feel really good about the size of their cocks right now.
  5. Barbwire
    One last one before I go...

    Looking at that thing just gave my clit a derection.
  6. Barbwire
    Well geeze! If I am going to take the time out of my busy day to poke fun at this tiny lil' pecker, the least you can do is take the time to acknowledge all my hard work, Princess.
  7. almostthere
    Shes here all week, dont forget to tip the waitress