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  3. almostthere
    I hate the number thing. Your not a 6 . Your better than average in my book. Each woman has a .........look........can't explain it. Your very cute
  4. 12barblues
    i dont think thunder is the kinda girl that needs approval or a "rating" from us guys....but i will say i enjoyed your photos, thanks for posting....its nice to put a face to the words...
  5. zombieguy13
  6. luvitdoggystyle
    I'm not sure of the number, but you are closer to a 10 than a 6. Very pretty!
  7. Tuffty
    nice look but i'm not sure your trying to say it some kind of rap pose ?
  8. lbushwalker
    Alluring yet very dangerous, like a Mamba.