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Photo 109
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  2. jaals605
    WOW!! What a good pose and shot!! Nicely done!! OMG you are EXTREMELY beautiful, drop dead gorgeous and sexy!! OUCH!! I absolutely LOVE lacy undergarments on a beautiful woman, then you add the sexy white stockings and heels, OH MY!!! The mirror behind adds an invaluable touch to the shot that just sets this pic over the top!! Very nice, both the effort in the pose and you!!!!
  3. Ready2Please
    Thank you and I just noticed I could see my reflection in the mirror. I wasn't trying to do that but it is a nice effect. I was in a Halloween costume so I decided to take pictures as I removed each piece of clothing. :)
  4. jaals605
    So "Just By Chance" you happened to be in front of the mirror?? OKAY! jk lol For not planning it, it turned out fantastic! I think the mirror effect gave this shot something unique that sets it apart from others! Nice work! Oh yeah, BTW, just what kind of halloween costume does one wear such attire with?? lol
  5. Grozny
    This, is the best one. Yummy!
  6. cgus
  7. petergozinya