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  2. Sir Cummilot
  3. DrD
    I have a tall Cali king bed, up against two walls, because my favorite by far is bending you over it, your feet definitely won't touch the floor, but you'll be perfect height for me
  4. EyeKandy
    I was thinking we're on top of your bed and you have several pillows under my pelvis. You fuck me from behind, orgaziming in my pussy, taking pics as you said. As you finish, you pull out and continue to photograph and play with my pussy, all full of your seed, with my ass just propped up there.

    You post everything here of course, for our fans. Then without me moving at all, you go at me again.
  5. arugula
    EK, I think for a turn with you, I would even do sloppy seconds, lol!
  6. domburns
    Love, love, love!!!
  7. softree
    Can i just lick that drop before it falls to the sheets.