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  1. Beach
    Nice Man ! Looks like it will be a nice ride !
    First bike start out easy..Remember every intersection plan ahead that there is a car that will try and get you.
    Morbid I know, but U have to keep on toes.
  2. lbushwalker
    Nice ride dude.
    My first was a CB 350cc Honda some 35 years ago and boy did i love that machine.
    It gave me everything I ever wanted; freedom, thrill & sex with young girls.
  3. Mittimer
    It's nice..
    Don't kill yourself :(
  4. Everett_Spair
    Its a 1994 Honda cb500.
    I should say that I haven't gotten my licence yet so it'll have to stay in the garage until I have it.
    And Mittimer, I promise that I'll be very careful when I go for a drive. :)
  5. dolphinfan
    nice bike man. I have a 2002 gsf 600s nothing like riding
  6. Essene
    [COLOR=Magenta]Nice. I have a 600 rotting away in the garage. It has rust in the gas tank.[/COLOR]