Album: 1st


Updated Apr 17, 2016
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  1. UncertaintyPrinciple
    a weird guy got mad at me for showing my penis and saying that it is 10 inches. this is just proof. i do not like having someone talk to me like that as if i did something wrong. its not my fault i have a rally big penis. its nothing to even brag about im actually self conscious of it. every girl i have been with initially did not want to even have sex with me.

    my only guess is that he is insecure . its a damn sex forum! people show off their bodies. i just so happen to be an oddity. so what.
  2. suckmydick72
    Don't let this nutter get you down. It's supposed to be fun and games around here, after all. It might not mean too much to you, coming from another man, but I don't think you're an oddity at all. Your cock looks delicious.
  3. Barent
    You appear to be in excellent physical shape and your member, while large, looks very proportionate and not odd. Mr. B